Since you’re taking the time to check out my site, I’d thought I’d share a little about who I am. My love for photography started way back as a very young kid. I remember getting my first camera in Grade 5. I can picture it but I cannot remember the brand. I do know it had C110 somewhere in the name. I grew up on the East Coast of Canada in the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador where we get lots of ice and snow during the winter. My first recollection of printed photos I had taken are LOTS of images of white “ice pan’s” which means broken pieces of ice floating in the “bay” of our town. As you can imagine, that was not the most exciting to look at. I grew up taking as many pictures as I could, as I couldn’t always get film whenever I wanted.

I truly got serious about photography after I got married and had my first child.  My husband gave me a Pentax film camera and all I wanted to do was capture as many expressions of my little boy as I could.  His many cute expressions that included smiles AND tears, his messes, and adventures, I wanted to capture and remember.  Then along came the digital age, AND my second child, a baby girl!  Not having to use film made this even easier to access.  I began to dive into watching other photographers work, purchased lots of photography and lighting books and practiced shooting endlessly.

Years have passed, and here I am, STILL very passionate about what I do.  I love capturing expressions and special moments in peoples lives. I thank God and my family everyday for allowing me to do what I love!